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So, it's the middle of winter and there's nothing to do in the garden, right? Really? What about your roses? One thing is for sure, when we are smack in the middle of winter, it's only going to be a few weeks until everything starts growing again.

Right now (May 2017) we are fielding more and more enquiries from clients who are experiencing a much worse garden insect problem than usual. In particular, Buxus hedges seem to be developing dead patches all over the Bay of Plenty.

Described as a bigger problem than the "leaky home" challenges of recent decades, methamphetamine contamination has exploded into the spotlight with widespread evidence of its presence in homes and properties across all sectors.

I have the dearest lady customer who wants me to cut her lawn “good and short” … and I don’t have the heart to say “well, you can have it good OR you can have it short, but good AND short is a real challenge…”.

With experts predicting a hot dry summer here on the east cost of NZ, now is a good time to prepare your lawn to survive summer. The plan is to build the healthiest lawn possible in the time available!

Remember that horrid prickle-infested lawn last summer? Prickle weeds (Onehunga Weed) are all too common in many Bay of Plenty lawns, and now is the time to book your V.I.P. Lawn Franchisee for an annual treatment.

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