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Wouldn't you rather do something you enjoy this weekend?

At V.I.P. Home Services we have a LOT of experience outdoors, maintaining lawns, gardens, hedges, shrubs and trees. In fact, the first “V.I.P. Lawn” was mowed over 40 years ago! Since then, there have been many changes to equipment, techniques, products used, even customer preferences. And V.I.P. has not only kept up with all these changes, in many ways we’ve led the charge.

Let us take care of the lawn and garden chores for you during the week and you'll free up your own time for yourself. Or your family and friends.

In the Bay of Plenty, from Opotiki to Katikati, V.I.P. Franchisees mow nearly 2,000 lawns every fortnight. Not to mention all the gardening, weeding, hedge and tree trimming we do for our clients. Plus garden cleanups, gutter clearing, rubbish removal, laying turf, planting, fertilizing and so the list goes. Many of those lawns we have mowed hundreds and hundreds of times for the same happy customer.

Regular Lawn Service

Every time we mow your lawn we:

  • trim all edges with either a line trimmer or blade edger as appropriate
  • mow all lawn areas
  • catch all lawn clippings (unless you specifically tell us otherwise)
  • remove the clippings off your property (again, unless you want to keep them)
  • sweep (or blow) any stray clippings and debris from concrete and paved areas

Custom Service

While we work to our own standards (which are some of the best in the industry), we will always do our best to accommodate any special requirements from customers. Place some clippings around that new shrub? No problem. Blow leaves out of your flower bed before we mow them up with the lawn? No problem. Turn your compost over into the garden? Still no problem. Just ask your local Franchisee. After all, even our most basic service is still “V.I.P. Service”.

Other Outdoor Services

We can also help with many other outdoor chores and jobs including rubbish removal, garden cleanups, weeding, pruning roses, shrubs & fruit trees, water blasting, soft landscaping, planting & fertilizing gardens, weed control & fertilizing lawns, and much more. In fact, why not just ask your local Franchisee? Some have even walked pets and moved appliances into the garage for their clients. You might be surprised just how far we will go to ensure you are totally satisfied with our service.

Workplace Safety  

V.I.P. Lawn & Garden Franchisees subscribe to and use the comprehensive Trimsafe Health & Safety program specifically designed to ensure small NZ business owners operate a safe workplace while at your property.


We offer a range of lawn mowing and lawn maintenance services throughout the Bay of Plenty, covering all of Tauranga, Papamoa, Mt Maunganui, Te Puke, Katikati, Whakatane, Ohope and Kawerau. Our lawnmowing Franchisees are fully trained, insured and security cleared for your peace of mind

Best of all, we do the job to your specifications. Do you want your lawn clippings taken away, placed in your compost, around trees, or in garden beds? Do you want weekly, fortnightly or monthly services? It's your choice.

Weeding garden bed with Niwashi tool

Are you one of those people who love their garden but can't make the time to keep it looking nice? We can help! We offer a wide range of gardening and garden maintenance services throughout the Bay of Plenty, including Tauranga, Papamoa, Mt Maunganui, Whakatane, Ohope and Kawerau. Our Franchisees are fully trained, insured and security cleared for your peace of mind.

We offer weed control programs for weeds wherever they grow, in the lawn, the garden or in paved areas. Each location requires a different approach and your local V.I.P. Lawn & Garden Franchise can recommend the best solution in each case. Most Franchisees are Growsafe/ERMA Approved Handlers which allows the use of more effective and useful weed sprays than are available at the local garden center.

At V.I.P. we offer hedge trimming services for all types of hedge normally found on residential properties. We can trim hedges up to 3.5m high and any width.

Hedges are an attractive feature in many Bay of Plenty gardens and provide a number of benefits over alternative options. However, they are a living thing and do need regular care to look and function at their best.

Many Bay of Plenty gardens include lovely shrubs and trees which, thanks to the almost tropical climate, can easily outgrow their location. Pruning for size control is a common requirement. However, pruning is perhaps even more useful to increase yield of flowers and fruit.

Nev Waterson removing large pohutukawa

We offer full tree services in the greater Tauranga, Western BOP, Mt Maunganui and Papamoa. Whether you need crown thinning, size reduction, repair following wind or storm, or just regular pruning to maintain good health and promote fruit or flower production, V.I.P. Franchisees can help.

We offer Ride On lawn mowing in selected areas of the Bay of Plenty, including Whakatane and Omokoroa, plus the surrounding areas including Kawerau, Edgecume, Matata, Awakeri, Te Teko, Te Puna, Katikati, Bethlehem, Pyes Pa and most of the Tauranga. We use high-end equipment to not only provide you with a top finish, but also allow us to promise regular, reliable service. The equipment is costly, but the time gains we can make mean there is normally no extra fee or charge for ride on mowing.

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