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Nev Waterson removing large pohutukawa

​We offer full tree services in the greater Tauranga, Western BOP, Mt Maunganui and Papamoa areas.

Sometimes, your trees will need more than trimming and pruning. That's where your local V.I.P. tree services specialist can assist. As a qualified Arborist, he can perform crown thinning, topping, crown reduction, reshaping, crown lifting and complete tree removal.

Large trees can become too high and pose a safety risk, or perhaps block a treasured view. Or maybe just block out too much light from areas underneath them. Crown thinning, lifting or reduction, or a combination of these, can usually solve the problem.

Storm and wind can damage trees, requiring repair. Split and damaged branches should be removed with a clean cut to help the tree resist disease which can threaten it's life.

Some trees love to grow in odd shapes, or maybe you want a tree to become a particular shape. Careful pruning and removal of major branches can redirect the tree's efforts in the direction you want it to go.

Sadly, some trees have outlived their usefulness and must come down, but simply cutting them off at ground level can both be dangerous and cause much collateral damage in the landing zone. Skillful removal will ensure a safe and tidy job, and a great result for you and your property. There is always more involved in cleaning up afterwards and your local V.I.P. Franchisee can advise on options like firewood, mulching, chipping or removal and dumping.


Thank you for providing the service - lawn mowing and pruning/cutting back trees. Garry has done a great job and we thank him for this.

Mr Lambert

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