Ride On Mowing Service

We offer Ride On lawn mowing in selected areas of the Bay of Plenty, including Whakatane and Omokoroa, plus the surrounding areas including Kawerau, Edgecume, Matata, Awakeri, Te Teko, Te Puna, Katikati, Bethlehem, Pyes Pa and most of the Tauranga. We use high-end equipment to not only provide you with a top finish, but also allow us to promise regular, reliable service. The equipment is costly, but the time gains we can make mean there is normally no extra fee or charge for ride on mowing. We can tackle very large areas including lifestyle sections, orchards, even whole fields, plus smaller areas such as churches, hospitals and retirement villages, in fact anywhere the lawn is straightforward and access is suitable.

In cases where our zero-turn ride on mowers cannot access tight or difficult areas, we will also use a regular push-behind mower and, of course, wherever there is an "edge" of any sort (concrete, fence, wall, tree, hedge, pole, building and the like) we will trim along the edge neatly with a weed eater or blade trimmer for the perfect finish. In addition, our ride on mowers usually include catchers to enable us to offer a catching service where required. It's your choice. Whatever you choose, we guarantee a good job.

As with all V.I.P. Franchisees, our Ride On mowing Franchisees are fully trained, insured and security cleared for your peace of mind.

Best of all, we do the job to your specifications. Do you want your lawn clippings taken away, placed in your compost, around trees, or in garden beds? Do you want weekly, fortnightly or monthly services? It's your choice.

Most customers require regular service and our fortnightly program provides an ideal balance between financial outlay and appearance. We are careful to leave both our personal and our V.I.P. signature at your place every time we mow the lawn. We want the lawn to meet your needs and we want it to reflect well on us, too. Longer than fortnightly service is rarely available for most of the year as a lawn generally looks too unkempt too much of the time. Not to mention the damaging effect on the health of the lawn, from removing too much of the leaf each mow.

Sometimes customers mistakenly think that cutting the grass extra short will mean they can leave it longer between services. In fact, cutting the grass very short, less frequently, has the opposite effect to what is hoped for. Grass is a plant and behaves the same as all other plants, in that if it survives a very hard cut it will always grow back much more vigorously. You might have seen this already when you've let your grass get away on you, then cut it extra short (we sometimes wonder if it's almost as punishment for daring to grow so much??). What happens in the next few days? The grass grows unbelievably fast - some people say they can watch it growing and it would not be unusual to see 1cm growth a day in this situation. Far better to work with the natural height suited to the grass species and mow it regularly. Your lawn will not only look much better, it will be a lot healthier, too, which is the best defense against unwanted weeds.

Here are some of the lawn mowing standards we work to:

  • our regular mowing service includes weed-eating or blade trimming all edges, mowing, catching & removing clippings, and sweeping debris from adjacent paths, mowing strips and driveways
  • if suitable for your lawn we may mulch the lawn a few times during the year, at times when the lawn can benefit from the light fertilizing effect of the clippings breaking down
  • we do not mulch or leave clippings on the lawn as a rule, due to the increased likelihood of disease and mildew, not to mention the unsightly appearance of dead and dying grass clippings left after an amateurish catcher-less cut
  • our mowing patterns will ensure your lawn looks its best after mowing
  • we strongly recommend NO LOW MOW which means we cut at the recommended height for the prevailing grass types. We won’t scalp your lawn – after all, we are lawn mowing experts, not barbers! Mowing at the recommended height gives your lawn its best chance to be healthy and lush, and contrary to what some believe, results in no more cost over the year.
  • we generally reduce mowing frequency in Winter, as the lawn grass grows less quickly. Some clients require fortnightly or weekly service year round to keep their property looking manicured and cared for. Even when the grass is growing slowly, fallen leaves, debris and "stalky" grass can still make your property look untidy.
  • the last thing we do every time we mow your lawn is take a look back over our shoulder at the job we have just done, to feel the sense of pride that comes from doing our work to a superior standard.

More of our service standards are shown here.

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