Many Bay of Plenty gardens include lovely shrubs and trees which, thanks to the almost tropical climate, can easily outgrow their location. Pruning for size control is a common requirement. However, pruning is perhaps even more useful to increase yield of flowers and fruit.

Correct pruning will encourage healthy new growth where rejuvenation is needed, and is useful to help manage disease and insect infestations. It's probably fair to say that very few shrubs do better in the home or commercial garden than those that are correctly and regularly pruned. In fact, many fruit trees yield less and less fruit of poorer and poorer quality, if the correct pruning program is not maintained.

A number of V.I.P. Home Services Lawn & Garden Franchisees are trained to carry out pruning for year round maintenance of your roses, shrubs & trees.

With qualified arborists on our team, full tree services are also available in most areas.


I have known Sheila and Richard Logan, Master Franchisees – V.I.P. Home Services Bay of Plenty, for the past four years.

Sheila and Richard, and their team of Franchisees, have provided full services to Greerton Retirement Villages including gardens, lawns, full cleaning services to all refurbished villas also including our community centers and all carpet cleaning services. Sheila and Richard also provide cleaning services directly to the residents when required. They are there in an emergency e.g. carpet cleaning.

Their commitment to providing outstanding service to all is second to none. They keep the villages in fine order and have an excellent rapport with the residents.

Sheila and Richard come highly recommended.

If you are looking for quality work on your home or gardens then call V.I.P. you will be well impressed. 

Judith Gilmore - Village Manager BUPA Care Services Greerton Village

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