Hedge Trimming

At V.I.P. we offer hedge trimming services for all types of hedge normally found on residential properties. We can trim hedges up to 3.5m high and any width.

Hedges are an attractive feature in many Bay of Plenty gardens and provide a number of benefits over alternative options. However, they are a living thing and do need regular care to look and function at their best.

  • Hedges are usually an excellent wind-break as they allow some air through, but channel most of the wind up and over the top.
  • Hedges are an ever changing, esthetically appealing edge or backdrop to many a garden. They come in a wide range of colors and foliage textures. Many hedge varieties produce flowers of every hue. Leaf colors range from pale lime to yellow, dark green to burgundy and red, they can be mottled, glossy, variegated, serrated or smooth, large or small.
  • Hedges can be shaped formally or informally, straight and square or more free-flowing. In fact, different shapes can be used over time...after you become tired of that formal straight trim, why not start trimming it with rounder lines, more flow, or irregular lines? Many will respond very well to a thoughtful "makeover".

Most V.I.P. Home Services Lawn & Garden Franchisees are professionally equipped to take wonderful care of all your hedges. The big tall boundary hedge, the tiny buxus around your formal garden bed, and everything in between. Hedge-trimming will usually include:

  • confirming with you the exact height, width and shape you want to hedge finished to.
  • protecting, as best we can, any plants or decor items that pruning clippings might fall onto. Obviously, the clippings will fall to the ground from both the sides and top of the hedge.
  • collecting and removing the hedge clippings, and collecting up loose leaves and small debris. This can take as long or longer than actually trimming the hedge.
  • a follow up call 6-12 weeks after the trimming to schedule the next trim. Hedges are living things and don't stop growing at the height and shape you want!
  • some customers also ask about a fertilizing program for their hedge just to be sure it is as healthy as it can be. Your local V.I.P. Lawn & Garden Franchisee can help with all of your questions.










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