Lawn Mowing & Gardening Terms and Conditions

Thank you very much for becoming a “V.I.P. Customer”! You are very important to us. May we let you know how you can expect to be treated as a “V.I.P. Customer”?


Satisfaction Guarantee

We take great pride in an exceptionably low level of customer complaints. However, on rare occasion something can go wrong and you may feel we have not done as well as you would have liked.

If you are not happy with the service you receive, we will put it right, which may include re-doing the job free of charge.

You must notify us within 48 hours of the work being completed that you are unhappy and provide full details about the nature of your dissatisfaction.

Your Franchisee will be asked to put the matter right to your satisfaction. If that is not possible, the Bay of Plenty Master Franchisee will assign whatever resources are necessary to ensure you are completely satisfied with the service provided by V.I.P. Home Services.


Servicing Schedule

We will be there to mow your lawn on the arranged day, or we will let you know ahead of time if we can’t make it. We know you’ll understand if bad weather prevents us from being there on the regular day and will always complete the service as soon as possible after bad weather. V.I.P. Franchisees use commercial grade mowers that do a professional job, even when the grass is wet. However, we will not mow a lawn where we would damage the lawn, or leave muddy tracks or footprints to do so.

Winter can be rather disruptive to our schedule and we thank you for your understanding and patience when we are sometimes unable to complete service on our regular day. While mowing regularity generally reduces in winter, some lawns fall back to 3 weeks, some to 4, some even to 6 weeks, depending on the grass type, soil conditions, exposure to sunlight and a range of other factors. Some days we find there are many more lawns to mow than we can get through (the 2, 3 & 4 weeklies all fall together), and other days there are none. If you cannot receive service on a day other than your regular day, please advise your Franchisee.



Our quoted pricing for regular lawn mowing allows for up to 24 services per year based on a 2-weekly service. During the slow season, we may do some general tidy-up to ensure your property is maintained to standard, instead of mowing the lawn..

Weekly service is available in some locations on the understanding that regular weekly service is provided continuously for at least 9 months of the year.

We do not normally offer a regular 3-weekly service.

One-off service may be available, if your Franchisee can fit it in, and is quoted individually.


Quoting & Pricing

Prices quoted for residential service include GST.

Quotes are valid for 7 days and only for the scope of work quoted.


Payment Terms

Payment may be made by cash, cheque or internet banking. Cash or cheque payment is to be left at a pre-arranged location, prior to service being carried out, unless credit terms are applied for and agreed to.

We also accept VIP Gift Vouchers, once they are verified.

Payment terms for regular service are net 7 days. In most cases, one-off service must be paid for on completion.

Late payment fees and overdue charges apply. Specifically, all expenses and/or costs incurred by V.I.P. in the recovery of your outstanding debt, including any Collection Agency fees, are payable by you.

Business customers may apply to open a credit account.


What’s Included in our Regular Service?

Our regular lawn mowing service includes:

  • edging all lawns edges adjacent to concrete paths drives and paving
  • weed eating lawn edges against fences, walls, banks and the like
  • mowing all lawn areas (or as agreed with the client)
  • collecting & disposing of all lawn clippings
  • blowing (sweeping) down concrete and paved areas on completion of mowing


What’s considered Additional Service?

A number of things can increase the time and difficulty in taking care of your lawn which we do not normally include in our pricing due to the large variations involved. Some of these additional activities include:

  • Leaf Collection – Heavy leaf drop in autumn increases the time it takes to mow your lawn, and the cost of dumping the clippings. Options for you could be:
    • add a small extra charge to your invoice for collecting & removing the fallen leaves
    • allow us to avoid the leaf fall area altogether and not mow it until the leaves have been cleared
    • allow us to remove the catcher and simply mow over the leafy area dispersing the leaves as they fall (mulch)
  • Items/debris on the Lawn – Children’s toys, garden hoses, weed piles and the like make mowing your lawn more difficult and dangerous, not to mention the potential for damaging your valued items. Please ensure the lawn is cleared of such items.
  • Flower Beds – Flower beds can accumulate leaves and debris over time and become unsightly. If you would like us to weed and/or clear your flower beds please let us know and we will happily provide a quote for you.
  • Fruit Fall – Seasonal fruit fall is sometimes left on the ground to rot creating an unsafe situation for us if we simply mow over it. Franchisees will discuss options with each individual client on how to deal with excessive fruit.
  • Faeces – Animal fouling is a most unpleasant surprise to inadvertently chop into especially with a weed eater. Most customers do take responsibility for their animals’ toileting as we’d expect. However, should animal droppings become a problem on your lawn we will:
    • Let you know that the area is regularly fouled
    • Ask that you clean up animal fouling before we mow
    • Mow or weed-eat around the fouled area
    • Some Franchisees may offer a Doggy-Doo cleanup service. Please ask as this service is not automatically available.
    • In severe cases, charge a Cleanup Fee where our operator or equipment is fouled by your animal droppings. This could be anything from $10 to $50 depending on how much cleanup is needed.

We are happy to provide a quote for these or other services.


Skipping Service

As trained professionals, we know how to care for your lawn properly and will reduce the frequency as growth drops off, unless you request otherwise. Still, some customers want to skip a mow now and then to save money.  Often, we must then spend extra time on the mow after a skip because the grass is extra tall or thick.

Skipping can also put you out of sequence with other nearby clients which may mean we must travel considerable extra distance to service your property. Therefore, skipping may incur additional charges to allow for extra time and expense involved on the subsequent service.

If you still want to skip a cut, you must notify us by 3pm the day before.


Property Damage

All V.I.P. Franchisees carry adequate public liability insurance to cover damage to your property. Any damage you notice must be notified to your Franchisee immediately and your full cooperation is requested in the handling or processing of any resultant claim.

However, not all damage is automatically covered and we cannot accept responsibility for much of the damage described below. You can help minimize problems as follows:

  • Sprinkler Heads – In the event that we accidentally damage a lawn sprinkler head, call us within a week and we will repair it.
  • Landscape Lights – Landscape lights installed in your garden should present no problems. However our line trimmers may damage them if installed on the lawn.  We accept no responsibility for damage to landscape lights if they’re installed in or near the lawn
  • Garden Hoses - Please ensure hoses are properly stored, off the lawn, prior to our arrival. We accept no responsibility for damage to hoses left lying on the lawn or adjacent paved areas
  • Clothes Lines – When we encounter clothes hanging on a line over the lawn we are extra careful to avoid soiling your clothes. However, you may find a few dried grass clippings clinging to the fabric – these are easily removed with a good shake. You can minimize the problem by not hanging laundry out on regular lawn days.
  • Broken windows/glass – We always take care to not flick stones against windows or glass. However, you can minimize the possibility and hassle of a breakage by keeping stones, pebbles and other “missiles” away from the lawn area.  Pebbled gardens & driveways are a particular hazard to nearby people, windows and our equipment and, while our Franchisees will do their best to maintain such areas, additional charges may apply to remove pebbles prior to mowing, or the grass may be left un-mown.
  • Vehicles – We mow around vehicles parked on the lawn. If you are home please listen out for us and move the vehicle off the lawn as soon as we arrive.
  • Adjacent plants & fixtures – any item within 100mm of the edge of the lawn is liable to damage. This includes items like young plants, planters & pots, drains, plants of any kind, netting, wooden posts & edges, garden furniture, above ground pools, playground furniture and the like. The best way to avoid damage is to keep all such items off the lawn and at least 100mm from the outer edge of any lawn area. Any vegetation overhanging the lawn area is also subject to damage by our equipment as we pass by. We will be happy to trim such vegetation back clear of the lawn for you.
  • Fruit Trees & other Small Trees in the Lawn - fruit (and other small) trees are often planted in the lawn and make an attractive addition to your garden. We are usually unable to properly trim or mow lawn under such trees unless there is a minimum of 1.5m vertical clearance all round under the tree. We will do our best to control grass growing under these trees but cannot accept responsibility for damage to low hanging branches and/or fruit. Neither can we accept responsibility for damage to the trunk or bark, as we may be unable to see exactly what our equipment is trimming. The best thing you can do to protect your tree is to keep the entire area under the tree, out to the drip-line, nicely cultivated and weeded.
  • Spouting Downpipes - downpipes become fragile in time and will not stand up to our edge trimming equipment without damage. You can avoid damage by ensuring there is an adequate "no mow" area surrounding the pipes such as a garden bed, concrete surface or similar.
  • Stucco Cladding - our weed eaters will damage stucco cladding, and any other painted or fragile surface, that closely abuts the lawn grass. The only action we can take to avoid damage is to not weed eat long your wall, which will leave an unsightly, overgrown edge around your nicely trimmed lawn. A much better solution is for you to install a mowing strip or garden bed along the house wall.


Gates & Access

Security is important to all of us. We suggest you use a combo lock on gates you wish to keep locked, and provide us with the combination.  If the gate is key-locked or tied with wire or a cable-tie when we arrive, we cannot mow behind it.

If we are unable to access part of your property because it is inaccessible on the day, we may charge a Re-visit Fee if you require us to return before the next scheduled service.



If you install a pool, we may may review your pricing as it can take more time for edging and trimming. We also have to be more careful to minimize clippings landing in a pool.


New Playgrounds, Features and Trees in the Lawn?

If your property changes after service begins, we may need to review your pricing. In many cases adding a feature to your property will increase the time it takes to mow the lawn and result in an increase in the price. The price may reduce if, say, a whole section of the lawn is paved over and we no longer need to go to that area. However, adding, say a pool in the middle of the lawn means we must take more care and time trimming around the pool which usually takes longer than it did to simply run the mower over that patch.


No Low Mow

As professionals, we do our best to ensure your lawn remains healthy and lush. Part of achieving a good looking lawn depends on cutting the grass to the recommended height, and not removing too much grass in any one mow.

Cutting grass short (scalping) can look fabulous on a bowling green or a putting green, but achieving that finish requires watering and mowing EVERY DAY, constant fertilizing and regular re-sowing/over-sowing as bare patches appear.

Short-cut grass struggles to survive because roots become shallow, not only leaving the grass with no hope of surviving dry conditions, but also allowing weeds (flat weeds in particular) to take over. Onehunga weed (prickle lawn) is usually a result of the lawn having been cut too short.

We will cut the lawn at the recommended height for the predominant type of grass in your lawn, unless you specify a different mowing height. In most cases, we will not remove more than half the length of the grass in any one service.

In fast-growth seasons, fortnightly mowing may not be frequent enough to keep the lawn mowed to your satisfaction and your usual height. Lawns in the Bay of Plenty can grow by 15cm to 30cm (up to 12" or a full "foot"!!) in 2 weeks when growing conditions are ideal. If we were to remove no more than half, your lawn would be 15cm high after we mowed it. Then, it would grow another 30cm in the next fortnight, reaching 45cm tall. If we removed half of that height, it would be 22cm high after the second cut, and so on. The only recommended method of keeping on top of severe growth is to mow more frequently. Some customers are happy to run their mower over the lawn in between our visits, others request more frequent service. Some are happy to pay a greenwaste surcharge during the fast growth periods. It's your choice...we will do our best to provide whatever service you want.



V.I.P. Lawn & Garden Franchisees use the Trimsafe Work Safety program. We are trained and equipped to operate in a safe manner and will from time to time take specific actions to ensure our own and public safety. While mowing and lawn maintenance is in progress you should assume there will be flying debris and keep both yourself and anyone you care for (including pets) well away from our equipment. It is best to keep others, especially children, inside until we leave the property.

Please ensure that all pets needing to be tied up or absent on our mowing day are restrained as necessary for our safety and the safety your pet.

Please report anything you feel may be a safety hazard or matter to us as soon as possible. However, DO NOT approach us directly if we are operating machinery as we may not easily hear or see you. Rather, wait until you have caught our eye and stop our equipment, when we can approach you instead.

All prices on this website are stated in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and include GST. Your credit card will be charged in New Zealand Dollars.

Refund and Return Policy

We want to make sure you are 100% happy with your purchase. All returns must be made within [X] days of receiving your order.

How we keep your payment information secure

We use Payment Express to process all credit card transactions relating to bookings and purchases made through this website. You will be transferred to a Payment Express page where your credit card information will be securely collected and processed on our behalf. We neither store nor collect credit card information directly on this website. In the event that you purchase a recurring subscription, such as a monthly or annual membership, your credit card details will be stored securely by Payment Express for processing on the agreed intervals. You will receive an email confirming each payment when it occurs.

Enquire About Service

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