Home and Office Cleaning Terms and Conditions

Thank you very much for being a "V.I.P. Customer”! 

We are delighted you have chosen V.I.P. as your Professional Home or Office Cleaners and will do our best to discharge our responsibility and ensure your home or commercial property is clean, sanitized and a pleasant environment for you to live or work in. You are very important to us. May we let you know how you can expect to be treated as a “V.I.P. Customer”?

Servicing Schedule

We will be there to clean your premises on the arranged day. Should we need to change our schedule for reasons beyond our control, please understand we will do our utmost to accommodate you.


Homes and Offices are usually cleaned on weekly, or sometimes two-weekly, frequency. Some Offices are cleaned several times each week, some daily.

We can offer other options - pricing will be based on frequency and services required.

One-off service may be available, if your Franchisee or another Franchisee can fit it in, and is quoted individually. Please ask your V.I.P. Cleaning Franchisee.

Payment Terms

Our standard payment terms for regular service are net 7 days. We prefer Internet Banking, and also accept cash or cheque. One-off service is to be paid for either before or during the service.

Late payment fees, overdue and interest charges may apply.

Business clients may apply to open a credit account.

What’s included in our Regular Cleaning Service?

Our Regular Home Cleaning service includes:">

  • Dusting throughout including furniture, skirting boards & window ledges. Remove internal cobwebs.
  • Wiping obvious marks from tables, ledges and the like.
  • Cleaning mirrors, light and power switches and around door handles.
  • Cleaning & sanitizing kitchen sink, splash back, tiles, food preparation areas and bench-top.
  • Wiping down kitchen cupboard fronts, fridge, microwave and dishwasher. Wiping down hob, rangehood and oven front.
  • Cleaning & disinfecting bathrooms, shower, bath, basins & toilets. Wiping down cupboard fronts and vanity tops.
  • Cleaning laundry sink area and outside of cupboards, washing machine & dryer.
  • Vacuuming throughout and mopping hard floors.

Bear in mind however, that your service may have been customized to suit your needs and this will be recorded on your quote, given to you by your Franchisee.

Our Regular Office Cleaning service includes:

  • All home cleaning services above, as necessary
  • Emptying rubbish bins and bagging trash
  • Sanitizing phones and desks
  • Cleaning & disinfecting urinals in bathrooms
  • Replacing paper & hand-cleaning products in bathrooms, if requested

What’s considered Additional Service?

Regular cleaning service is designed to clean the natural soiling that occurs between regular services. Over the first few months of service, you may notice surfaces becoming cleaner & cleaner as we progressively remove long term residues. The following services are extra to our standard service and may be added to suit your requirements:

  • Lifting or Moving Heavy Furniture – We will clean around large &/or heavy furniture items during regular cleaning. Chairs (such as dining or office chairs) and lighter items are moved to allow cleaning access, then replaced.
  • Laundry and/or ironing – some Franchisees offer additional services of ironing, washing, or folding laundry. Please ask for pricing and terms.
  • Appliance Interiors – cleaning inside fridges, ovens, dishwashers, laundry dryers and washers or any other appliance that opens for interior access is required infrequently. Please ask for a quote. We are able to clean lint filters in dryers, clean the grease filters in range hoods, clean detergent drawers in washers, clean the water spray arms and pump filter screens in dishwashers, clean exhaust fans and filters in ducting and heat pumps. We cannot dissemble any appliance where such disassembly is restricted to certificated persons, such as plumbers or electricians.
  • Pantry, Cupboard and Cabinet Interiorsthe interiors of pantries, cupboards, and cabinets, in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, accumulate dust and product spills over time. We can remove the contents, clean each item, clean the shelves and all interior surfaces, then replace the items for you. Please ask for pricing.
  • Articles on Floors – Children’s toys, clothing, books and other items that are out of place on the floor will be left as found, after we clean/vacuum around them as best we can. Please ensure small items of value (such as jewelry, LEGO parts or small toys) are not left on the floor, to ensure they are not vacuumed up inadvertently.
  • Pot Plants – We don't include plant care in our standard service. Where appropriate we will lightly dust foliage on robust plants, and vacuum small dead leaves on the floor.
  • Shed/Garage – our commercial vacuum cleaners are designed for home and office cleaning rather than picking up outside debris and leaves. We can sweep out the garage, or you may prefer that our outdoor franchisee use their blower to blow all the leaves and dust out at the time they mow your lawn.
  • Pets Litter Boxes, Beds & Climbing Apparatus – Animal fouling and litter boxes are a hygiene & safety concern and cleaning them is not part of our regular cleaning service. We dust & vacuum pet areas but cannot guarantee complete removal of fur/hair from surrounding carpets or furniture.
  • Fireplace/Heaters – Our regular cleaning will include dusting the area including the hearth, if the heater or fireplace is not in use. For safety reasons you should remove ashes yourself once they are cold. We do not regularly clean the interior of fires or heaters.
  • Bed Making – We are more than happy to provide you a quote for bed-making as an additional service. We can include vacuuming and turning the mattress if appropriate, and will be happy to arrange a complete sanitization of your mattress(es) to remove allergens and bacteria.
  • Washing Dishes –  We will be happy to provide a quote for loading the dishwasher, washing and/or putting away of dishes, as additional services.
  • Rubbish Removal – We will deposit larger items that are obviously rubbish in your nearest bin for you. In addition, we can provide pricing for emptying rubbish bins and replacing bin liners, if required.
  • Ornaments – Fragile objects are often precious and sometimes irreplaceable. We will therefore gently dust around them. If you remove such ornaments to a safe place (such as on your bed or into a cupboard or drawer) we will happily dust and wipe the shelf or ledge, and leave the ornaments for you to replace.
  • Wall & Ceiling Washing - from time to time you may want a thorough wash of walls and or ceilings. We can provide this service for you and will gladly provide a free quote.
  • Cleaning Outdoor Furniture and/or BBQ. Specialist cleaning techniques & products may be required to clean these outside items, for which we will provide a separate quote.
  • Exterior Cobwebs - we can remove cobwebs from the exterior surfaces of your house and, if required, arrange for one of our specialist Franchisees to provide a Pest Control Service for you.
  • General Assistance - if there is something else you think we might be able to help with, please ask. Replacing light bulbs, fire alarm batteries, resetting clocks for daylight saving time, even shopping are things we have done for our valued clients! We are here to help take away the chores for you and welcome your enquiry about how we can help.

We are happy to provide a separate quotation for these and any other services you may require.

Property Damage

All V.I.P. franchisees carry up to $10M liability insurance for your peace of mind. However, not everything is automatically covered and you should be aware that items will be replaced or repaired at the Insurer’s discretion. In all cases involving claims of damage we will follow our Insurer's instructions and procedures.

We will always report any damage we cause to you as soon as we are aware of it, and will put the matter right to your satisfaction, subject to any instructions from our Insurer.

To help minimize problems:

  • Swarovski Crystal and similar fragile high-value items – we will VERY GENTLY dust the adjacent shelf area and leave the cleaning of each separate piece to you.
  • Scratches & Dents – V.I.P. Cleaners are trained to use the correct cleaning product on each surface, making it all but impossible to damage a surface in your home. For example, we do not use “green scrubbies” (heavy duty scouring pads) which are capable of scratching every household surface, including glass, enamel, ceramic & metal. They have no place in any professional cleaning situation. Nor do we use very abrasive cleaning products. Please bring any apparent damage to our attention immediately.

Please make us aware of any valuable or treasured items that would be a catastrophe to have broken, such as family keepsakes and your precious memories.

It is your responsibility to make us aware of any damage you already know of to avoid unnecessary anxiety if we notice damage ourselves.

Skipping a Service

When we quote for regular service we base our pricing on the amount of soiling we expect to see on the regular frequency indicated by you. Accordingly, skipping will often mean we must spend more time on the clean after the skip to maintain the standard you expect.

Skipping can also put you out of sequence with other nearby clients, which may mean we must travel considerable extra distance to service your property on the different day. Skipping may incur additional charges for extra time and costs involved.

Frequent skips that result in extra work for us will be subject to a price review.

Of course, we do realize that unexpected circumstances arise and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We also realize that customers are sometimes away on holiday and the house stays clean in their absence.

If you do want to skip a service, you must notify us by 3pm the day prior.

Spring Cleaning and Other Services

We recommend additional services as follows:

  • Annual Spring Cleaning – ceilings, walls, ovens, under furniture, behind pictures, inside kitchen & bathroom cupboards, pantries, shelving, storage cupboards & closets are all areas that benefit from a good annual clean. We can remove and launder net curtains and also arrange for professional cleaning of drapes and blinds.
  • Carpet Cleaning – NZ Standard NZS3733:1995 recommends an annual "steam clean" (hot water extraction process) of carpets for reasons of hygiene & cleanliness. Annual cleaning can also extend the life of carpets considerably.
  • Window Cleaning – windows should be regularly cleaned inside & out. In exposed areas, windows may require cleaning on the outside every month. Often, an annual clean inside is sufficient.
  • Oven Cleaning – many clients have us clean the interior of their oven on a regular basis (3, 6 or 12 monthly depending on usage).
  • House Washing – careful washing of the exterior surfaces is regular maintenance that will extend the life of your home and keep your home looking its best.
  • Silver polishing – treasured silver pieces are given TLC as needed.
  • Ceiling fan cleaning – fans should be cleaned regularly for appearance & efficient operation.
  • Ceiling & Wall Cleaning - fly residue, finger marks, various spills & marks should be cleaned periodically (N.B. fly and other stains may remain visible on some paint surfaces).
  • Pest Control - many pests invade homes overtime and are best managed with an annual control program. Ask your local Franchisee to refer you to our certified (Tauranga) Pest Controller will provide options and recommendations on request.
All prices on this website are stated in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and include GST. Your credit card will be charged in New Zealand Dollars.

Refund and Return Policy

We want to make sure you are 100% happy with your purchase. All returns must be made within [X] days of receiving your order.

How we keep your payment information secure

We use Payment Express to process all credit card transactions relating to bookings and purchases made through this website. You will be transferred to a Payment Express page where your credit card information will be securely collected and processed on our behalf. We neither store nor collect credit card information directly on this website. In the event that you purchase a recurring subscription, such as a monthly or annual membership, your credit card details will be stored securely by Payment Express for processing on the agreed intervals. You will receive an email confirming each payment when it occurs.

Enquire About Service

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