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We are a group of passionate business owners, doing our best to deliver the regular maintenance services you need to keep your home, office and/or property looking great and well maintained, without you having to deprive yourself of your chosen lifestyle. Whether it's family, sports, travel, shopping, fishing...whatever it is that you like to do in your leisure time, you can do more of it with V.I.P. taking care of those regular maintenance chores for you. That has to be worth something doesn't it? You are busy, the same as most people. Why should you slave away at home while other V.I.P. customers get to do what they want to?

As V.I.P. Home Services' Franchisees, we own our own businesses and are just as committed and grateful for your business as any local business owner. In many ways, we are all "little guys", working hard to nourish, educate and care for our own families and save a little for the future, or maybe pay off our mortgages, just like most kiwis. But we have some huge advantages over many other similar operators...we have access to all the knowledge and experience that V.I.P. Home Services has built up over nearly 40 years.

Our prices are very competitive because all the support we get from V.I.P. costs us very little each time we service your property, no more than a dollar or two. Our prices are NOT inflated to cover franchise fees. And, while our prices are very comparable, we are able to provide superior service thanks to the thorough training we receive before starting out with V.I.P., and the ongoing and continual support of both our fellow Franchisees and Regional Master Franchisees Richard & Sheila Logan. We are continually improving and always interested in a better way of doing everything.

Remember, too, our prices include EVERYTHING. We bring our own equipment, chemicals & consumables, and remove all the waste we generate from your home or property. You won't find our vacuum bag dumped in your kitchen tidy, nor will you find our grass clippings left in the corner of the garden (unless you ask to leave them there for you to compost...). Just add up what you are spending on cleaning chemicals each month from the supermarket and add that to what our competitors quote you for a start. You might be surprised... 

Master Franchisees Richard & Sheila Logan

Richard and Sheila have owned the V.I.P. Bay of Plenty Master Franchise since 2008 and together have some 30 years experience in Franchising with more than 8 years each in the home services industry alone. They built V.I.P. in the Bay of Plenty from 6 to 20+ Franchisees during the global financial crisis and recession, when all around them was doom and gloom.

V.I.P. Bay of Plenty Franchisees service around 1500 properties, homes and commercial premises annually, providing more than 30,000 individual services in the 2013/14 year! We think that's pretty good! It certainly means V.I.P. Franchisees have a lot of experience between them, and because they regularly share what they learn with each other, you can see that while each Franchisee is still a simple independent business owner, they sure know what the business is about!

V.I.P. knows that the demand for professional home & property services continues to grow in the Bay of Plenty. To help satisfy more and more of you, they are continually looking for enthusiastic and committed people to join their Franchisee team. Learn more about that opportunity here.

The V.I.P. Home Services’ system is a proven winner with customers, who show a clear preference for V.I.P. over the many options available to them. V.I.P. offers not only the security and peace of mind that comes with a large company, but also the personalized service of a small independent business owner. It’s a win-win-win for everyone.

More information about V.I.P. Home Services Franchisees in the Bay of Plenty

We cover the area from Waihi to Opotiki and inland to the top of the Kaimai ranges, including Katikati, Omokoroa, Tauranga, Mt Maunganui, Papamoa, Te Puke, Whakatane, Kawerau & Ohope. Not all services are available in all areas yet, but we are working hard to appoint the right Franchisees in all Bay of Plenty areas.

All V.I.P. Franchisees pass a security clearance, complete 4 weeks of hands on training and carry a full package of insurance, all for your peace of mind. We know that customers and property owners are sensitive about security and dependability when they allow outside contractors onto their properties. And rightly so. Everyone will have seen or heard of some scandalous cases on TV consumer shows. We understand that everyone wants service at a competitive price but sometimes the proper checks are not done to ensure that new contractor is trustworthy. Often with disastrous consequences! Well, that need not be a concern with any V.I.P. Franchisee because, quite frankly, only applicants with high integrity ever make it into the V.I.P. family. We might not always offer the lower price, but we will definitely be one of the most competitive from those contractors who can be trusted.

The training that V.I.P. Franchisees complete covers every aspect of the business. Most importantly, perhaps, from the customer's perspective, is the ability to provide high-quality service. New Franchisees have had weeks of practice under their Trainer's watchful eye and are not only trained and shown how to do a great job, they also get to actually do it themselves. Finally, they always have the support of V.I.P., their trainer and their fellow Franchisees should something arise that they feel they want some help with later on down the road. 

Very Important Planet

This symbol reflects or commitment to the Planet Earth. It reminds us of our promise to our customers. V.I.P. has always stood for "Very Important People" (our wonderful customers).

It also stands for Very Important Planet because we think it's time we stepped up to be counted. We minimize our use of harsh chemicals. We minimize our use of water. Our equipment is efficient, well maintained and, wherever possible, manufactured to high international standards that often surpass NZ requirements. The V.I.P. system actively assists each Franchisee to reduce travel time between jobs helping them build as much work as possible in their Exclusive suburb, which also reduces their carbon and environmental footprint.

It might not change the planet overnight, but we do what we can, right?

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